Thursday, 9 December 2010

Ring read at Rewal beach [Batlic sea]

Some new ring read at Rewal from yeasterday. Both Herring Gulls (Larus argentatus) read by Piotrek Zientek. One from Polish project and the second German.

The whole life history of the X79C you can get at the green gull website. As you can see the gull was ringed in Germany and after flew to Denmark.

fot. Piotr Zientek - Herring Gulls and Great Black -backed Gulls

fot. Piotr Zientek - German Herring Gull

fot. Piotr Zientek - Polish Herring Gull


Luka said...

Do you bait them with food? If so, what do you use?


Help us fishermans, who beach a fish guts.