Saturday, 22 September 2012

The POLRING has started !!!

Yeah! Finally bird ringing in Poland is at the world's highest level. Since now, we've got the POLRING (  

The POLRING is a online program provides quick access to the database of whole ringing birds in Poland. This means that both ringers and ring readers continually updates the database. 
Have you ever read a Polish metal or colour ring and still have no answer ? Do you want to see a whole life history of this bird with a google map ? If yes just register at POLRING.

Few easy steps to use the POLRING

1. Go and change the language to English.

2. Now you have 2 ways:
a) fill the quick form to get the ringing data on your email,
b) register to have regular acces to the program.

3.If "a)" just fill all required fields and wait for an email (take up to 3 days).

3.If "b)" register than log in and click "New records". Fill all required fields and wait for verification (from 15 min to 3 days - depends on the presence data in the database)

4.Go "Records" >> "My records" and enjoy :)